Medicare and Medicaid for Assisted Living and Nursing Care

Medicare and Medicaid for Assisted Living and Nursing Care

When considering senior housing options, assisted living, nursing care, and rehabilitative services it’s good to have all the facts in front of you. Particularly when it comes to using the government Medicare or Medicaid benefits you’ve earned.

Am I Eligible for Medicaid or Medicare Assistance?

As a Medicaid-approved provider of assisted living and nursing care, Hovnanian Senior Housing Services is eligible to provide housing to Medicaid beneficiaries. Let us help you review your housing and medical care needs and which services Medicaid or Medicare will assist you with. We can help you untangle the Federal and State eligibility rules that apply to your individual situation.

We have asked Elder Life Management to help families navigate the Medicaid process. Contact Elder Life Management for your free Medicaid consultation 732.493.8080 or on the web at

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